Pumpkin magick!


* North Shire Pumpkin Patch *

This October felt a little more special for me,

 thanks to myself for embracing the change of season more than I have in the past and flowing with nature instead of allowing it to effect me too deeply.
I am so grateful for this time of shedding and letting go, RELEASING! Just as our environment around us is also going through a new cycle, we're also in the gloriousness of Scorpio

Of course, this can be a super challenging time for us. But the through-line of this season is rebirth. What a wonderful time to recreate parts of yourself you want to be and allow yourself to be fluid into this!

For the rest of this little autumnal spell, I implore you to use all your creative loveliness in whichever way shines. Allow yourself to be a child again wherever will aid you.
I'm so happy I managed to get down to North Shire for their pumpkin patch here! It is truly a maaaagical space & has the cutest activities & (outdoor) rooms for staying in a unique little imaginarium. Thank you to them for creating this piece of magick.
jacket// Johnny Was
top// custom by LuxMuse
skirt// Nine Lives Bazaar
boots// Free People
All photos by Eddy Maynard - first photo edited by myself

love, B x



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