Here's to invoking a feeling

...Instilling inspiration for the people hungry for something more, something real, and for something good in this beautiful planet.


Here's to the people who can't be moved, us who will not be intimidated by hate and the people pursuing it, no matter what they physically or emotionally do. 

I thrive when people say I shouldn't do something, knowing who I am and believing in myself and my intuition, and knowing that I won't back down. When something isn't 'reserved' or is 'too strange', knowing that none of it matters when you believe you have the courage, which we all possess.

When men look back at me, outraged or confused that I haven't reacted to their crude belittling words, cruel power plays they inflict on anyone they feel will be upset and hurt, just to get one up.

When women stare and look down on me, genuinely disgusted or just projecting their own insecurities about being comfortable with themselves, for looking not done up enough, feet too dirty, too much glitter and not wearing everything exactly so- the same clothes they wear, then looked down on again- if anyone were to be wearing months later.
Not being upset, feeling rejected or outcast-  feeling full of love and respect for myself for being able to be completely happy no matter my looks, and ready to embrace anyone to feel the same.

How any of us could be conceived as less worthy, uglier, for having the confidence to wear no makeup, or a motherfucking rainbow of makeup on our faces, and not playing into this hate. Embracing our own selves. Because each and every last one of us is worth so much more, and have so much more to give and learn, than to play into these crazy self-restraints that people play into.

It genuinely makes me insaaaanely happy, every day, to see others spreading their self love and love for others, invoking something beautiful, instilling their own version of positive on the world in whichever outlet it may be.

So today, tell somebody something that makes you feel good, allow yourself to be vulnerable, do something that makes you SHINE or write something that makes you happy. 

Live your fucking life man, I can't wait to see what you make it.


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