Little February Details

Here are some of this month's little favourites!

Unexpectedly but rather delightfully, I found some little gems in none other than PRIMARK- they always have loads in their homeware range that have an amazing boho feel & am now also adoring their new-in accessories!

I love that winter's preeeetty much saying it's farewells but it's that mid-kinda season feel, playfully spring but still some cool tones! I picked up this super adorable little headband, choker set and scarf for all under £10. Also on lips- sweet lil find! Velvet matte lip crayon in shade #09 - for just £2 (whut) with a creamy, matte finish that isn't over drying - fast becoming a carry with essential.
MY CURRENT FAVOURITE most beautiful lush lush lush bewitching book! 'The Magpie & the Wardrobe' will surely enchant any magic-y lovers. It includes pages upon pages of amazing month-by-month arty witchy curiosities and treasures!

A mini excerpt for February's Apple Magic!

  • 'Apples are symbolic of fertility, joy and knowledge.
  • Offering an apple declares your love.
  • A large thin seed found in an apple means the arrival of an important letter.
  • One seed only brings unexpected fortune.
  • A falling apple from a tree landing on your right shoulder brings good luck, but bad luck if it lands on the left.
  • When apple harvesting in parts of England, a few apples are left on the tree to offer favours and friendship to fairies.
Apple Stars
An old tradition in Ireland was to cut an apple crossways, revealing a star with five points (a pentagram). The point that faces up represents the spirit, and the other points represent the elements - earth, air, fire and water.
See the star and it will bring happiness and health for the year to come!
If you like, you can continue to cut the apple crossways and bake low and slow in the oven to make dried apple slices.'

Madagascan vanilla cute jar candle & little cow skull deco, both Primark!




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