I find outfits that reflect me give me a little more soul-food for the day. A little more expression to show the little world a little bit of today's inner on the outside.
Hallo beautiful people!
A little of a few outfit edits from one of my favourite stores- Saint Boutique. 
They're based on Baker Street in Middlesbrough, but worry not lovers; you can still order online.  You'll find a little treasure trove of absolute gems...

I aaaa-dore this outfit put together by Jessie from SB! COMPLETELY me and wonderful.


Valentine's 17 set

I love this day for the compassion shown everywhere- but remember things don't have to be limited to days. Love is waiting in the rain for someone to finish work, supporting friends through hard days, seeing beauty where others sometimes can't, in humans, animals, and the earth. 
Bring home a flower from your walk for a loved one for no reason. Make love a daily thang.

In celebration, here's a pretty pink set by Emily Cromarty, wearing Brighton Lace, & Holetti flower crown.


Who the f**k wants to be told to wait anyway?!

Seriously though, why obey & listen to some rule someone else made up that 


I've been thinking a bit about these- inspiring??-but-ego-mad kinda people lately. Not the ones with the hearts in the right place, the ones who can see things coming in and out of 'fashion' and act accordingly- posting and doing what they think will make them more popular. Of course there are truly some people out there who DO have their heart in the right place, and are not sure how/ what to do to get this across and it can come across like the others as mentioned. The way I see it, we either come from a place of love or fear, all of our decisions, no matter how complex, can be rendered down to just this. LOVE or FEAR. This comes back to simply creating our own lives and moulding them into whatever we like, we have this power and this is it in it's simplest form, no matter how many other thoughts I have on top of this, this is the most basic and true form of how I feel about that.

This being said, there are always going to be people in every field and every aspect of life who aren't necessarily coming from a place of love, and as hard as it may be to see sometimes, really aren't 'helpful' to us at this time.

For example;  I once met a woman who called herself spiritual. She claimed that she was so open, yet as soon as mention of someone studying some scientific based degree, she immediately shut herself off from that person and even went so far to kinda look down on them, as if they could never be her level of 'spiritual' because they were doing something the opposite to what she was.

To me, not only do the two go hand in hand, but is the complete opposite meaning of being open and spiritual. This woman to me was one of my first encounters, or realisation of encounters with... I'm gonna call them 'false prophets'. People who would rather gather a big following of people trying to connect, or improve, or whatever- and instead of doing what's necessarily best for these people, turn it into a kind of 'worship'. I've been on the receiving end of this, and let me tell you, it can be easy to get sucked into it.

When ego is in play and takes charge, this can come out in any profession etc. She was no different at all to me to a person in a scientific field, dismissing people who believe in 'something else' too as the more idiotic side of the population.

These people though again, I am not attacking. Everyone learns things in this world in different ways- they obviously are learning in this particular way at this particular time. You just don't need to attract it in for yourself- or be on the receiving end of it if it's doing you no favours.
Because I firmly believe, no matter who inspires you, you should inspire yourself the most. That may be because of something that person has said yes- but remember, you even brought that conversation INTO your life. It is ridiculously mind-blowing how much power a person has, and how little I see people believing in themselves. And the ones around you who have/ do inspire you, and are positive (you can be inspired by negative too! They can teach you how to act, how you wish to be treated!) - you can pick up and start to notice they are coming from a place of love. They may not think of themselves as a teacher, healer, whatever else it may be. Just remember that everyone is human, and you are so capable. 
They are no better, and you feeling better about yourself because of anything is down to you. Whether it be a conversation you've brought in and someone has said something that has stuck with you- that happened for a reason. Because you believed in your self worth enough to attract that in, and let that thought stick with you.

So with that, get inspired of course. Everyone offers something to us, we take from it in different ways. If you're coming from a place of love- everything will fall into place, whether that be that person leaves our lives or we take something great from it.
Just keep yourself, you are your own amazing person, and however inspired you feel by someone/ something, not everything they do and say is to be taken as gospel. Don't get sucked into being a sheep with them, no matter who they are!

Now, against the grain from what we're told... DON'T wait until Monday to start that health kick, DON'T twiddle your thumbs until next January to make some new 'resolutions', WHO THE F**K wants to impose these crazy self restrictions?!


Little February Details

Here are some of this month's little favourites!

Unexpectedly but rather delightfully, I found some little gems in none other than PRIMARK- they always have loads in their homeware range that have an amazing boho feel & am now also adoring their new-in accessories!

I love that winter's preeeetty much saying it's farewells but it's that mid-kinda season feel, playfully spring but still some cool tones! I picked up this super adorable little headband, choker set and scarf for all under £10. Also on lips- sweet lil find! Velvet matte lip crayon in shade #09 - for just £2 (whut) with a creamy, matte finish that isn't over drying - fast becoming a carry with essential.
MY CURRENT FAVOURITE most beautiful lush lush lush bewitching book! 'The Magpie & the Wardrobe' will surely enchant any magic-y lovers. It includes pages upon pages of amazing month-by-month arty witchy curiosities and treasures!

A mini excerpt for February's Apple Magic!

  • 'Apples are symbolic of fertility, joy and knowledge.
  • Offering an apple declares your love.
  • A large thin seed found in an apple means the arrival of an important letter.
  • One seed only brings unexpected fortune.
  • A falling apple from a tree landing on your right shoulder brings good luck, but bad luck if it lands on the left.
  • When apple harvesting in parts of England, a few apples are left on the tree to offer favours and friendship to fairies.
Apple Stars
An old tradition in Ireland was to cut an apple crossways, revealing a star with five points (a pentagram). The point that faces up represents the spirit, and the other points represent the elements - earth, air, fire and water.
See the star and it will bring happiness and health for the year to come!
If you like, you can continue to cut the apple crossways and bake low and slow in the oven to make dried apple slices.'

Madagascan vanilla cute jar candle & little cow skull deco, both Primark!





Hello young 2017!

Happy February, magical people!
So I know that to a lot of you,  January feels like the Monday of the year. A little saving grace for those will be that we're out of Jan... buuuut...
I used to feel similarly sometimes, but I feel we can use things and sayings like this as an excuse. 
I know for me, anyway, this was the case. There's always a better time it seems, to start something, aim for something, work for something... and there's always something 'out of our control' determining how we live our lives right at this moment, and 'making' it so that we are not living them better.

This is a big fat lie, you are telling yourself. (Sorry).
Of course, there are always gonna be times we can't be bothered, or something bad has happened, that does take grievance. I'm not saying strength doesn't lie with those who do get effected by things.

Me, myself, as a HIGHLY sensitive person who gets ridiculously sensitive to certain things and for the rest is too chilled out, am speaking out of love and care. To lightly nudge and remind you that you have more control than you think, just as I need to remind myself this a lot of the time.
You are not as weak as you ever imagine sometimes, just look at you. You are made completely bizarrely of elements, all working perfectly to allow you to live through this life, holding you for your time here. That in itself is kinda magical to me.

Aaaaanyway, before I get overly deep for the momento, please if you are feeling similarly to that-- remember you have all the power within you to set out a change WHENEVER, not tomorrow. Even start as small as you need. Start loving yourself more today, the rest will follow. 

*OH. & most importantly. Mostly all of my life people have had an opinion on what I'm doing and how I'm doing that wrong. The people that you need to attract around you want to see you flourish, brightly and beautiful. DO NOT LET any of the others drag you down with them because they're not yet bold enough to be happy themselves.

Colourful looove also featuring my beautiful Alice in Wonderland Choker by Torc Vintage and lush sunset coloured mandala throw by Saint Boutique.